Bashar Channeling

Private Sessions with Bashar

Method: In-person only, no Skype/Zoom/phone/email
Length: 60 minutes
Availability: Wednesdays through Fridays at 11am

Private consultations with Bashar are available in person with Darryl Anka in Los Angeles, both for individuals and small groups. During a private session with Bashar, Darryl will go into the altered state and connect with Bashar. Bashar will come through and open the session to you to ask questions or discuss issues that are important to you. Note that Bashar no longer does health readings. He’s delivered all the health information he needs to and we must refer to what’s already been recorded. Also, as of 2017, Bashar will no longer do predictions of any kind. He’s now focused on training people to understand how reality works and how to use his “instruction manual” to create the life they prefer.

A session generally lasts 60 minutes and during that time Bashar will help you get to the heart of any issues you are exploring while providing you with both the information and the energy you need to help you move forward in your process of self realization. While some of the information will be familiar in terms of the public information Bashar has provided, the session will be uniquely tailored to the specific information you need to take the next step on your journey. Due to the unique tailoring of the information provided in each session,we strongly suggest questions be focused on information relevant to the individuals present. Please keep the questions personal to you and do not ask questions on behalf of others who are not in attendance.

Please read our Private Session Policy before submitting your request.

Darryl currently booked for the rest of the year and is not booking sessions again until January. Please check back then for appointments. Thank you.

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