The concept that we are all one and the importance of being true to yourself are age-old philosophies that have resurfaced in our modern “New Age” in the form of affirmations like “Follow Your Bliss” and “The Truth Shall Set You Free.”

But what do these sayings really mean? How do we connect to creation and live our dreams in ways that allow us to live better, more fulfilling lives, especially in today’s fast-paced society?

As with any process in physical reality, the quality of the outcome is determined by the relationships we create with ourselves and others, the types of choices we make and the quality of the skills and tools we apply in our day-to-day situations.


Not only are each of the metaphysical concepts discussed in this class powerful, proven tools that can empower us to create better lives, but for the first time, they’re being presented in a unifying framework that reveals the underlying relationship between them, breaks through all the myths and folklore surrounding many of our “New Age” ideas and reveals the essential, core mechanisms of each concept in a way that can allow you to master them, create the personal freedom to act on your passion with confidence and live the life you dream of.


ONE: A UNIFIED THEORY OF METAPHYSICS will help you master your lives like no other course or seminar. Sign up for this unique, breakthrough class today!

Due to the nature of this class, attendance in person is required.