QuickStart Guide

Instant access to all of the latest Bashar videos. Stream directly to any device with a browser! Coming soon: the BasharTV app for Apple® and Android® devices!

Learn the basics with this QuickStart Guide or see the FAQs for more details, including offline viewing.
Go to your VHX account to view all of your videos.

Select your session:
Scroll down through the list of available videos and find one that interests you.
Then click on the title of the session. That will bring you to the product page, where you will see a large video box to watch a preview of the video.

Bashar on VHXPreview the session:
Watch the preview by clicking on the white arrow in the bottom left side of the video box, next to the title.

The price of the video is listed in the small black box at the top left side of the video box.

If a video is available for purchase only, you will see “BUY” followed by the price. If the video is available for rent, you will see “RENT” followed by the price. If you wish to buy the video, you can click on the RENT button. You will be given an option to buy the video instead at checkout.

The launch of BasharTV is a huge step toward our goal of offering a subscription service. We appreciate your patience while we continue to work towards this goal.

Making your purchase:
Click on the BUY or RENT button. The screen will darken and a slide-out box will appear on the right side of your screen. There you can enter your payment information and buy or rent the video.

If you change your mind and wish to exit that slide-out screen, simply click in the shaded area of the screen, to the left. The box will disappear and the screen will return to normal.

Sorry, we do not have the subscription option at this time.

Purchasing the audio-only option:
If the audio of the session is available, it will be shown to the right, below the large video box. You can follow the same steps to make that purchase or rental. The file is still in video format, but it will only depict a still image as the audio plays.

Downloading your purchase:
The videos are not available for download. However, you can stream the videos via your device’s browser, at any time.

Return to the main library:
To return to the library list from the product page, click BACK on your browser.

Watching the video:
Once your transaction is complete, you will be taken to a new screen to view or listen to your video. You will also be sent an email with the link to view your video. You can see all the videos you have purchased at your account.

That’s it! You are ready to get streaming. If you need further help, please check out VHX’s support page for detailed step-by-step instructions for the various aspects of the streaming process. Thank you and enjoy!


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