Bashar’s Guide to Open Contact

Are you looking for information specifically addressing Bashar’s guide to open contact? Below are the prominent channeling sessions which Bashar brought us to help us prepare for the window of open contact.


Bashar Preparing for Contact 101

1. In “Preparing For Contact 101“, Bashar discusses integrating the Self in preparation for ET contact. A guided meditation takes you on board a space ship to retrieve a special gift!


Bashar Increasing Probability of Contact

2. Use the exercise from “Increasing the Probability of Contact” to train your nervous system not to be startled.


Thell Them Bashar Sent You

3. In “Tell Them Bashar Sent You”, Bashar takes us to the next step in preparing for first contact.


Bashar Breaking News

4. “Breaking News” is where Bashar tells us about various crafts, so we can understand the role they are playing in our process of becoming galactic citizens.


Coming soon!

5. “Mirror, Mirror: Reflections”  Today’s event will give us the momentum and energy to prepare us for the Window of Open Contact!

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