Bashar “Increasing the Probability of Contact”

Bashar “Increasing the Probability of Contact”

Live stream only event
Saturday, August 15th 11:00am – 1:00pm

Bashar has told us many times that we can’t experience anything we’re not the vibration of. That is true for meeting advanced life forms, too. With Increasing the Probability of Contact, Bashar gives us a fun, interactive new permission slip we can use to help raise our frequency to connect more easily with the Sassani and others. People often ask about their vibration and how to raise it. This exercise can be repeated as often as you wish, to make your vibration more and more compatible with the energies of advanced beings, and make contact with them more likely.


Asking Bashar A Question During the Live Stream

This streaming-only event will be partially pre-recorded. It will include Bashar’s monologue and meditation, a Q&A segment which will include a selection of questions from our live stream audience. To submit a question to Bashar during the live stream, click in the chat box and select Ask A Question from the menu options (plus sign). Also, before the event, we will be taking questions from our social media followers! Learn how to submit your question here.

Why Join The Live Stream?

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To learn more about the Crowdcast live streaming experience, please take a moment to review their Attendee Quick Reference Guide. Please log in to your account at least one day before the event to confirm you can access your account. If you need assistance logging in, please contact Crowdcast immediately, as their response times on the day of the event will be much slower, depending on the number of inquiries.


Are you new to exploring with Bashar? Read our Who Is Bashar? so that you can make the most of the event!

Bashar Live Stream Ticket

*Note: The session will be available for replay until 9am (Pacific Time). All ticket sales are final.
The complete video will be available for purchase, providing you with continuous replay, on BasharTV approximately 24hrs after the event. Please contact us for assistance.