Bashar at Channeling Conference

Join Bashar at Channeling Conference!

Live in Louisville, Colorado

Join Bashar for Gaia’s Channeling Conference: Voices From the Beyond in Boulder, Colorado, on September 23rd. At this event, Bashar and 5 other renowned channelers will reveal convey psychic messages from the beyond while in altered states of consciousness.

During this momentous one-day event, we will guide you on a spiritual journey, including:

  • Witness the power of channeling as the speakers convey messages from the beyond while in altered states of consciousness.
  • Connect with collective soul groups, including the Pleiadeans, Theo, and the Guides, as they share their wisdom through Sheila Gillette, Wendy Kennedy, and Paul Selig.
  • Experience messages from extraterrestrial contact specialist Bashar and 1800’s medical intuitive Phineas Quimby, channeled by the captivating voices of Darryl Anka and Riz Mirza.
  • Gain exclusive insights into the popular Gaia Original docuseries, Channeling: A Bridge to the Beyond, along with behind-the-scenes revelations from Jason Liggett.
  • Immerse yourself in a therapeutic sound experience led by expert sound therapist, Kimba Arem, as she channels healing music for the audience throughout the day.
  • And much more …

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You’ll also experience firsthand why fellow truth-seekers come back to GaiaSphere, again and again, to live the magic of a like-minded community and life-changing topics in an intimate setting with their favorite experts.


Are you new to exploring with Bashar? Read our Who Is Bashar? so that you can make the most of the event.

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