Sponsor an event

Sponsor an Event

If you are interested in bringing Bashar to your city and would like to sponsor an event please complete the inquiry form below. There is a 100 person minimum for events. If you have fewer than 100 attendees, you may wish to consider a Small Group Session. There is a 20 person minimum for Small Groups. You may use the below form to submit your request for more information and we will be in touch with you shortly.

As a Sponsor, you would act as our main contact to assist with setting things up for the event. You would suggest venues for us to review, visit potential venues upon request and help to spread the word about the event. If this sounds like something you are up to and your location meets the below notation, please reach out to us!

Note: At this time, we are only traveling to locations that we can fly in and out of Los Angeles, CA the same day including allowing time for the setup and breakdown of the event stage. This tends to keep us in the Western U.S. area. For other areas, please, still submit your inquiry for future engagements when we resume more distant travel.

Thank you for your interest in Bashar!

Sponsor an Event

Thank you!