Event FAQ’s

Answers to the most commonly asked questions (also known as FAQ’s) about participating in a Bashar event. We want everyone to enjoy the event and we believe this information is a good first step to doing so!

Bashar EventLive Events

When and where are your next events scheduled?
You can find a list of all scheduled events here. If you don’t see event details listed, it is because we are still working to confirm those details. As soon as they are confirmed, we will post the details. Also, we try to list all upcoming event locations so that you can at least begin planning your trip.

Can my child(ren) attend?

In order to provide the best experience for all attendees, we require children to be at least 12 years of age and able to sit quietly through the entire session. Children will need a ticket to attend the event. If you purchased a ticket for your child, but they do not meet these requirements, please email us at events@bashar.org and we will assist you.

Event Handouts
If you will be joining us via live stream, we will post a link to view any handouts there may be for that event.

Will You Do Events on the East Coast or outside of the U.S.?
We are sorry, but Darryl is currently very busy with other commitments and is unable to travel outside of the Western US at this time.

I purchased a ticket for the upcoming event, but something has come up and I can’t attend.
Please email us at ‘events@bashar.org’. While our policy is that all sales are final, in some extraordinary circumstances, we are able to work with you. Another option is to sell your ticket to a friend or family member. Just be sure to give them the email with the QR code on it and they will be all set to attend.

Live Stream

How do I sign up for the live video streaming event?
Click the Live Stream button for an event and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the ordering process via Crowdcast. Once you have purchased the live stream, please return to your Crowdcast account on the day of the event to participate. To learn more about the Crowdcast live streaming experience, please take a moment to review their Attendee Quick Reference Guide.

I purchased a live stream ticket for the Sedona event. Why don’t I have access to Crowdcast yet?
If you registered for the live stream, but do not have access to the Crowdcast page, please check your email and spam folder. If you did not already have a Crowdcast account, you will receive an email asking your to create one, then you will have access to the Sedona live stream event page.

Why is the start time on my ticket different from the website?
We open up the streaming event early so that we can setup and test our equipment. You not be able to see the venue, during this time, but you will be able to log in and chat with other viewers, if you would like.

Will  live stream attendees be able to ask Bashar questions?
Yes, you can use the new chat system to submit your question during the broadcast. Please note, Bashar may or may not answer live stream questions during the event and and we cannot guarantee that your question will be chosen.

Will I be able to re-watch the event after its broadcast?

The streaming-only events (no in-person audience, online only) will be available for replay until Sunday at 9am (Pacific Time). Also, the recording will be available for purchase on BasharTV within approximately 24 hours after the end of the event. These events are priced lower, due to the replay restrictions.

What if there is an interruption in the transmission during the event?
Streaming-Only Events
If we experience any interruption in our streaming-only events (no in-person audience, online only), we will make an announcement regarding how we will handle the interruption. If you experience an issue on your end, you will still have until 9am Sunday (Pacific Time) to watch the replay.

Who handles support for the live streaming events?
We have a team member ready to help via the chat feature during the event. If you cannot log into your Crowdcast account, please contact Crowdcast immediately, for support. Do not wait until the morning of the event as wait times will be much higher. If you need assistance not regarding Crowdcase, simply email us at events@bashar.org for assistance.

Does my live stream ticket include a discount on purchasing a copy of the event?
Sorry, the price of the ticket includes access to the live stream and an opportunity to replay the event afterwards only. As we work to reduce the cost of the live stream, we do expect to pass along those savings. Thank you for your patience.

Encouragement of copyright violations.
Encouragement of violating international copyright laws, will result in your removal from the stream, without refund. This includes sharing links to any forum associated with such violations.

**Important Note**
Any negative comments towards the attributes of a questioner will result in a first warning. Continued poor behavior will result in removal from the event, without refund.