Private Sessions with Bashar

Private Sessions with Bashar

Private sessions with Bashar are available via Zoom. During a private session, Darryl will go into the altered state and connect with Bashar. Bashar will open the session to you to ask questions or discuss issues that are important to you. Please Note: At this time, Bashar will no longer be answering questions on health & medicine, making predictions, political situations, or discussing technical topics such as how to construct free energy devices. In keeping with his mission as a First Contact Specialist and in supporting humanity’s evolution of consciousness, questions having to do with open contact, hybrid beings, personal growth, Bashar’s formula, the spirit realm, metaphysics, time and space, parallel realities, expanded awareness, ETs, or the nature of existence are always welcome.

Bashar will provide you with the information and energy you need to help you move forward in your process of self realization. Some of the information will be familiar, from public information Bashar has provided. However, the session will be uniquely tailored to specific information you need to take the next step on your journey. Therefore, we ask that you do not ask questions on behalf of others not in attendance. The answer you receive may not be the same answer they would receive, if they were present.

Method: Zoom, in-person
Length: 60 minutes

Please read our Private Session Policy before submitting your request.

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