Ask Bashar

Ask Bashar A Question

Would you like to ask Bashar a question? Keep reading to learn the ways you can either have a one-on-one with Bashar or submit a question to potentially be asked at an event!

Option #1: A Private Session with Bashar

You can request to have a private, 1-hour session with Bashar where you can ask all of your questions and interact with Bashar one-on-one. For more information and to check availability click here.

Option #2: Join a Live Stream Event

To submit a question to Bashar during the live stream, click in the chat box and select ‘Ask A Question’ from the menu options (plus sign). You can begin submitting your questions as soon as you’ve registered for the event. To learn more about our upcoming events, visit our Bashar Event Calendar. Be sure to take a look at our Event FAQ’s as well.

Option #3: Submit A Video

Before each event, we will be taking questions from our social media followers! If you have a Facebook or Instagram account, here’s how you can submit a video which may be selected to be presented to Bashar. Added bonus…you may be invited to participate in a one-on-one Zoom session with Bashar to have your question answered live!

Here’s what you need to do:
➡️Like or follow our page! Facebook or Instagram.
➡️Choose a quiet location with limited background noise.
➡️Look nice, no logos/symbols on your clothes or background.
➡️Be sure to post the video in your timeline, not your story.
➡️Tell us your first name and where you’re from. We love hearing where Bashar fans are from!
➡️Submit a brief question and don’t forget to say “hello” and “goodbye”. Speak from your heart, not a script. 😊
➡️One question per video please. You can post multiple videos, but please don’t post the same video on both sites.
➡️Tag us using #AskBashar so that we can find your video.

If you have a follow-up question to an event topic, please try to submit it the week after the event, to ensure we see it and can get it in for consideration of the next event. Once we see your video, we will notify you in your messages of the next steps, so don’t forget to check them! We collect these videos on a rolling basis so post your videos now to ensure they get picked up in time to be considered for the upcoming event. The sooner the better!