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“Reincarnation, a Deeper Explanation” – June 19, 2021

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Bashar has prepared a special chart to help us understand reincarnation

Bashar Reincarnation A Deeper Explanation


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“Tell Them Bashar Sent You”

Recorded May 22, 2021

How to recall more of encounters we may remember as dreams and more! Be sure to review Increasing the Probability of Contact to prepare.

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“A Step Along The Way”

 Recorded April 24, 2021

Recognizing the next steps to keep you on the path of your life’s purpose.

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“The Forest Path, The Animal Path
and The Elemental Path”

Recorded – March 27, 2021

Join Bashar and Willa Hillicrissing on this shamanic journey!
Check out Willa’s World while you explore!

Highlights from “The Forest Path, The Animal Path and Elemental Path”