New viewers, it is recommended that you review our FAQ below. See you online!


"Angeles and Demons" 11.15.14 (San Francisco): $99 ORDERING COMING SOON!

Please note: If you sign up for a Utream Event, please email us your confirmation to ''
and we will forward you any handouts prior to the event.

Now you can enjoy Bashar from the comfort of your own home with live streaming video!
To get started, register for a Ustream account, and click on the links above to order.


For tech support our Skype account: BasharEventSupport will be online during the event.
(Text only no calls or video) or we can be reached via the Social Stream and Chat window.



How do I sign up for a live streaming event?

Visit our Ustream Channel by clicking here. The events are listed on the bottom of the page.

What if I already signed up for a teleconference session and want to watch the streaming instead?

Sign up for the UStream broadcast and email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We will refund your teleconference purchase.

Will Ustream attendees be able to ask questions of Bashar?

Yes, you can use the "Social Stream"window in Ustream to submit your question during the broadcast. Please note, Bashar may or may not answer UStream questions during the event and and we cannot guarantee that your question will be chosen.

Where is the Pay Per View event that I purchased?

All streaming transactions are handled through Ustream. Simply visit and log in. There is a link on the drop-down menu top right called "Dashboard" which lists your purchased events.

Will I be able to rewatch the event after it is broadcast?

The videos from the event are recorded and accessible via your Dashboard on Ustream for 3 days after the event. To access the videos, log in to your Ustream account and click on Dashboard. Then click on Purchases > My Purchased Content.

What if there is an interruption in the transmission during the event?

If there is an interruption in the event stream we will re-broadcast those sections directly following the event so you won't miss anything. The entire event is available for rewatching for 3 days following the event. Log into UStream and click on > Dashboard > Purchases > My Purchased Content to access. If there is an interruption in the transmission on your end, you can simply log back in to Ustream and rewatch the recorded videos of the event. We recommend watching a free event on Ustream on their home page to test out your system at home prior to purchasing a PPV ticket. Also note for optimal streaming results, do not connect to your network with any other devices during the event, i,e, xsmart phones, other open-browser windows, etc.

Who handles support for the live streaming events?

We have a Bashar Communications representative ready to help via the "Social Stream" feature on Ustream during th eevent. We will also be on our Skype account: BasharEventSupport (Text only no calls or video). All pre-event and post-event support for streaming and billing issues are handled through Ustream. Simply visit and log in to their support site..

VIdeo Streaming Help!

Please follow the instructions below to access your Ustream purchase: In order to join the session follow these instructions around 15-20 minutes before the event begins. 1. Go to

2. In the black video box area at the bottom right hand corner, click the blue text that says •Already have a ticket?

3. It brings a popup that says "Welcome to Ustream!" If you already have a Ustream account, click on the bottom gray bar that says "already have an account? Login Here!" and log in with your username and password. If you do not have a Ustream account enter a username, email and password in the fields provided in order to set up your free account. Make sure to check off the two service term agreement boxes by clicking on them. Then click the yellow Signup button.

4. Then it should say "Enter Ticket Code". Enter your PIN# in the field provided and then click Enter.

5. You should be back on the page where the video is shown. If you go to another page, click on the URL in step 1 again to get back. You will not need to sign in again.

6. Enjoy!!

A Bashar Communications representitive will be monitoring the "Social Stream" chat window during the broadcast for any technical issues that you might come across. For other issues, please contact Ustream directly by clicking here.


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